12 Red / Yellow / Pink Rose Bunch + 24 pcs Ferrero Rocher Box

1,149.00 999.00

16 pcs Ferrero Rocher Bunch

999.00 699.00

Premium Fresh Fruit


Choco Gold Swirl


Pineapple Chiffon


Exotic Butter Scotch


Strawberry Cheese Cake


Dutch Choco Truffle


Black Forest


Chocolate Cream Drip


Chocolate Gold Dust Cake


Fresh Apple


Tasty Customized Cake Delivery In Pune

Deserts, the concluding meal is incomplete without cakes. Over the years, cakes have tempted our desert with fabulous varieties that it has collected from all over the globe. Unsurprisingly, cakes especially chocolate rule our dessert cart with a few regional classics that made appearances. In the present day market, customised cases have made a special appearance and craze. Customized birthday cakes, wedding, anniversary party cakes are on a high demand in today’s market.

Customized Cake delivery in Pune now online

Craze of customized cakes is everywhere, Pune being a metropolitan is not an exception. If you are searching for customized cakes in Pune for an uncommon event, there can be no option better than Marigold. We can make a cake custom fitted to your particular prerequisites and spending plan. In contrast to different spots, we don’t have an index by any means. So every cake is special.

As specialists, we flourish with innovativeness and love making something new without fail. We give most extreme regard for the itemizing of 3D figures and tidiness on the cake.  In each customized cakes available in Pune, the 3d figure is handcrafted and can take a few hours or days to make. These palatable figures are the features of our tweaked cakes Children birthday, Wedding, Engagement, Anniversary, Baby shower and so on.

In one word Marigold is the makers of best customized cakes in Pune. We don’t utilize any counterfeit flavours or embodiment. Our cakes are hung with a meagre layer of fondant which is delicate, not really sweet and has a smooth surface. Our cakes are a treat for the eyes and taste buds too. As India is moving towards a digital age, we at Marigold use fully digital platform ranging from accepting order to receipt of payment. Here you can track the progress of your order and the on road live time tracking of your product being delivered.

Flower and customized cake delivery in Pune

Flower is the very creation of the Almighty himself. Regardless of the inclinations and event, we have the most unbelievable rose bundles for you. Blossoms are for those whom you structure loved bonds with, be it your folks, kin, companions or an exceptional somebody. Here with designer cake shops in Pune we are also having flour shops that too are often online.

Blooms don’t simply need to be about the extraordinary days, however pretty much each one of those exceptional minutes that call for festivity and delight. Blessing a bunch to every one of those moms, spouses and sisters who are an embodiment of affection, care and sympathy for you, without trusting that their unique days will come, cause the most surprising days to be extraordinary for them.

Get combo delivered in Pune

Flowers along with cakes are best to set a festive and jolly mood for everything that is enjoyable. If you present somebody customized birthday cakes along with a bunch of flowers, then happiness cannot find any better combination than this. The most notable individuals throughout your life merit your gratefulness and appreciation, isn’t that so? Express it through our captivating scope of bundles as you say thanks to them for being there.

From Roses, orchids, tulip, cymbidium to lily, carnation, hydrangea, fowl of heaven, anthodium and gerberas, we have a distinctive combination of blossoms that can make up the most staggering bundle courses of action. Regardless, there are basically insufficient events for you to enjoy some delightfully delicious Customised cakes in Pune with express cake conveyance. Any snapshot of euphoria or of indicating support is simply one more opportunity to choose online cake conveyance for appreciating a wet and fudgy cake.

Send customized cake for your loved ones at midnight

Midnight cake conveyance in Pune is no more a fantasy. Truth be told, wake your precious ones least’s identity anticipating a cake at midnight. Request cake online at midnight of your decision and we would bring the equivalent at your doorstep. Occupied timetable will be dependably a daily practice, taking into account that dominant part of the general population living in Pune work in IT and the city can be viewed as the following cosmopolitan city.

So how about we come up with it a rationalization this time and let the specialists at customised cake shops in Pune pick the best cake for your sake. We have been helping individuals gain experiences with our midnight conveyance alternative of naturally prepared cakes. We are here to give your merriments and event an alternate touch designer cake shops in Pune helps in sending cakes anyplace at the midnight hours and remember it will be new and best without fail.

Likewise in light of the fact that Pune has a great deal of youth, our 70% of the conveyances have been at midnight trusting that the adolescent is up throughout the night be the ones who are contemplating or the ones working in organizations. Online midnight cake conveyance in the city for college understudies have been an exceptionally regular relationship for best customised cakes in Pune.